You Are What You Measure

Are we asking customers the right questions, in the right way, and frequently enough? At a recent EdNET, several sessions challenged us to evaluate how hard we make it for our customers to tell us how they feel about our products. And whether we should be asking 20 questions when one will do.

During his keynote, Rob Mancabelli talked about Uber’s instantaneous, personalized, exponential feedback system which consists of simply a 1-5 star rating and a comment. An average Uber driver receives over 5,000 pieces of feedback a year. How much feedback do you get a year? Watch Rob's keynote, here:

In the session Why the Customer Experience Should Be at the Heart of Your Business Strategy, Lisa O’Masta recommended the Customer Effort Score which measures—yes or no—whether you “made it easy” for the customer to get the service they needed.

Another “one-and-done” metric mentioned in the session was the Net Promoter Score which is the percentage of company fans minus the percentage of company detractors. The trend line on this one score could be very “educational.”