How Do Schools Spend Discretionary Funds?

Bob Stimolo, president of School Market Research Institute, Inc. (SMRI), gave us a preview of the October 2016 survey of 200 elementary through high school secretaries that was conducted jointly by School Market Research Institute (SMRI) and Market Data Retrieval (MDR).

School secretaries are key players when it comes to schools learning about and making decisions on educational products and services. Here is what they said about their schools’ spending, and more, for the 2016 – 2017 school year:

The best way to advertise educational products and services to both administrators and teachers is through email and direct mail.

For the 2016 – 2017 academic year the majority of school secretaries expect their school to spend:

  • the same amount as last year on printed instructional materials (45%).
  • the same amount as last year on school supplies (50%).
  • somewhat more than last year on digital/online instructional materials (44%).

Most school secretaries:

  • rate their schools as “very technology ready” (54%).
  • say that at least one computer with Internet access can be found in every classroom (88%).
  • believe that teachers view their email on their classroom computer, on a mobile device, and on their computer at home (59%).

And, school secretaries:

  • think that the biggest issue facing their school administrators this year is school funding (54%).
  • say that funding for most classroom materials comes from school funds (71%).