Teaming Up With Teachers to Drive Awareness of Your Corporate Cause

Fall is back-to-school season not just for students, but for all of America. Between students, parents, and employees, more than half the nation has regular contact with a school. No other institution comes close.

If brands built relationships with all of America’s 7 million educators, they’d also reach the nation’s 54.5 million students and 90 million parents. That’s why companies are increasingly partnering with teachers to raise awareness of their corporate causes. With 70 percent of Americans saying that grade school teachers have “high” or “very high” ethical standards, brands know that teachers make ideal philanthropic partners.

3 Strategies for Teaming Up with Teachers

Companies that partner with teachers do more than build relationships with valuable consumers. They give students a lesson in humanity, take weight off teachers’ shoulders, and expand awareness of their chosen cause.

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