Exciting Changes Here for EdNET News Alert & EdNETinsight.com

Over the last several months, MDR’s marketing team has been busy refreshing the MDR look and feel. We have a fresh new logo and a new web site, updated marketing solutions, and a renewed commitment to helping education marketers stay connected to schools and their leaders.

Long-time readers will know that the EdNET News Alert and EdNETinsight.com have long been overdue for some updating. As we worked through the refresh, aiming for a clean and simple design that would be easy to read and easy to use, it became clear that more than a facelift was needed.

When we first started aggregating industry headlines back in 2005, it really was a challenge to keep up with what was happening in the educational publishing and technology industries. News sources were scattered and implementing good search strategies required a lot of time and effort. It made sense for us to take on that job and readily share that information with everyone interested. Today, there are many ways for marketers to keep up with both their competitors and trends and developments happening in schools. So, we have decided to shift away from focusing on industry news headlines to a broader and more inclusive view of the market.

Our new newsletter and website will include the best of the old and great new content. Not to worry, we’ve kept the features you most value!

A new, more flexible format will also allow us to feature go-to resources about trends, provide marketing tips and how-tos, dive deeply into important topics and ask you to join us in thinking outside the box on how best to connect with educators.

Moving forward we will continue publish content weekly in our new section of our site, School of Thought for Education Marketers, so be sure to bookmark this page. We will continue to send the newsletter with updates, but only every other Friday. Visit our site frequently to keep up to date with new content and postings.

We look forward to hearing what you think about our new look.