Vicki’s Scoops for November 17

Hi, everyone! My scoops for this week are all about accolades! Read on to see who is in the limelight….

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The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), in partnership with EdScoop, recently announced the creation of a K-12 EdTech Time Capsule. They have now revealed the time capsule contents, the culmination of a national crowdsourcing project that sought to identify the top 25 products, people, and developments that transformed education through technology over the last 25 years.

The time capsule recognizes nine innovators and 16 innovations, with a handful of others included as honorable mentions. The winning individuals span lawmakers, educators, academics, and founders. CoSN and EdScoop asked education and technology leaders across the country o nominate recommendations in August and then to vote in October for their top choices. The highest vote-getters are now enshrined in the virtual time capsule. The EdTech Time Capsule will live permanently on the CoSN and EdScoop websites. CoSN will pay tribute to the winning selections at its annual conference in March 2018 and at other events.

The individuals recognized in the EdTech Time Capsule include:

Silver Anniversary EdTech Pioneers

  • Seymour Papert, education technology pioneer, MIT
  • Sens. Olympia Snowe and Jay Rockefeller, founding sponsors of E-rate


  • Sheryl Abshire, CTO of Calcasieu Parish Public Schools and national edtech leader
  • Darryl Adams, superintendent of Coachella Valley United School District and creator of WiFi on Wheels
  • Chris Dede, professor of learning technologies at Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Candice Dodson, director of eLearning at the Indiana Department of Education
  • Bill Goodwyn, CEO of Discovery Education
  • Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy
  • Gary Stager, founder of Constructing Modern Knowledge

Check out the complete list of people, products, and developments! An inspiring list!

And Forbes has announced its 30 Under 30 Education 2018 list of young leaders who are expanding access and opportunity.

In the announcement, Forbes noted, “What do the 30 Under 30 Education 2018 honorees all have in common? They’re not simply shaping education; they’ve torn a page of the entrepreneurial playbook and are creating new businesses, nonprofits and organizations. Their bottom line: open up new markets and access to lifelong, quality educational experiences.”

The 2018 30 Under 30 Class in Education includes:

  • Fatema Basrai, 27, Executive Director, Leadership SAISD
  • Michael Benko, 28, E.J. Carrion, 28, Cofounders, Student Success Agency
  • Vinay Bhaskara, 23, Zack Perkins, 22, Johan Zhang, 22, Cofounders, CollegeVine
  • Yoran Brondsema, 28, Thomas Ketchell, 29, Cofounders, Sutori
  • Elyse Burden, 28, Cofounder, Real World Scholars
  • Xiaohoa Michelle Ching, 27, Founder, Literator
  • Allyson Dias, 28, Program Manager, Thiel Fellowship
  • Katie Fang, 26, Founder, SchooLinks
  • Shiv Gaglani, 28, Cofounder, Osmosis
  • Jonathan García, 28, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships and External Affairs, Portland Public Schools
  • Nick Garvin, 25, Founder, Stackup
  • Emily Graslie, 28, Chief Curiosity Correspondent, The Field Museum
  • Andrew Hermalyn, 29, EVP, University Partnerships and Programs, 2U
  • Jomayra Herrera, 24, Analyst, Education Investments, Emerson Collective
  • Andrew Hill, 29, Cofounder, LiftEd
  • Danielle Hughes, 25, Cofounder, Detroit Speaks
  • Ricky Hurtado, 28, Elaine Townsend Utin, 27, Cofounders, NC Scholars’ Latin Initiative
  • Melissa Lee, 28, Cofounder, The GREEN Program
  • Jackie Li, 28, Maggie Peng, 28, Jack Tai, 28, Kevin Wu, 29, Cofounders, OneClass
  • Justin Ling, 27, Cofounder, EquitySim
  • Raza Munir, 29, Cofounder, Climb Credit
  • Mark Pavlyukovskyy, 26, Cofounder, Piper
  • Christopher Rim, 22, Founder, Command Education Group
  • Hilary Shirazi, 29, Senior Manager, Corporate Development, LinkedIn

 The Forbes list was compiled and assessed by industry experts:

  • Charles Best, Founder,
  • Stacey Childress, CEO, NewSchools Venture Fund
  • Wendy Kopp, Cofounder, Teach For All
  • Joe Vasquez, Codirector, Runway Incubator; Under 30 Class of 2017

 Read more about each of these young leaders! Congratulations to all!

 I love to see members of our community being recognized! Now let’s head out to a weekend—lots of fun family time is on my calendar. Next week will be a short week with Thanksgiving ahead, and we won’t be publishing the newsletter so let me offer my Thanksgiving wishes for you now. I am looking forward to the family celebration and preparing recipes from my grandmother, my mom, and me with my daughter Amanda. I hope each of you have a very special and safe Thanksgiving. And, may we remember all who may be going through difficult times in their lives. My best to each of you during this special season of gratitude! Till we connect in two weeks – Vicki, the Snoop

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