4 Strategies for Connecting With Schools on Social Media

For young students, there’s no forbidden door more enthralling than the one labeled “Teacher’s Lounge—Staff Only.” What’s going on in there? Wild parties?

The truth is much more mundane than the fabrications of a nine-year-old’s mind. They’re likely to find teachers doing the same thing in their downtime that most working adults do: perusing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

MDR 4 Strategies for Connecting with SchoolsThe Social Side of Educators

Teachers are humans, too. They catch up on social media just like the rest of us. So for companies that want to opens in a new windowspeak to educators, there’s no better place than social.

In many ways, social media is the perfect marketing medium for reaching educators. When the creative well runs dry, teachers search for inspiration online for new lessons. If they’re looking for fun, engaging classroom design ideas, they check out colleagues’ Pinterest boards. In Facebook and LinkedIn groups, they trade tips and tricks gleaned from their own experiences.

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