No Farewells, Just Rock that Retirement – She Snoops for Scoops!

It’s Official!

More than 26 years ago, a young, smart and passionate professional offered to help a friend. She was a former teacher, a school administrator, a director of technology and curriculum serving children with learning disabilities at Briarwood School and a consummate connector. She wanted the best for education and kids. And, she believed in a revolutionary concept back then—education technology to improve learning. Of course, we are describing the amazing, “one-of-a-kind,” Vicki Smith Bigham—our EdNET guru, Conference leader and Snooper for Scoops at MDR, who is now officially retired.

Her bubbly spirit and classroom knowledge brought enormous perspective to our teams. Her management style and loving personality garnered immense respect and trust by everyone she met.

Leaders arose from across America forming a passionate community on a mission in support of schools. This network was full of outstanding edtech professionals, entrepreneurs, and rising stars of edtech who would become her lifelong friends and colleagues, her fans, her followers, and grateful protégés.

Thanks to her boundless energy and infectious smile that grew wider each year, so did the industry she believed in. She wrote books. She managed projects and analyzed business issues. She published papers and presented awards, and worked aside many “powerhouse legends.” She said goodbye to amazing industry icons with thoughtful gestures and grace. Her legacy carries many successes to mention, but none as lasting as the education community she built that now stands the test of time.

Some words from Vicki:

As I launch into retirement, much will feel a little odd, but I am truly ready. I have been extremely blessed by a 45-year career where I have seen and been in the middle of so many interesting and exciting things in the education market—I have been privileged to teach many students; train many teachers and administrators; and work with some of the best of the best in companies working to develop products and services to help our schools.

I will now turn to time with George, my girlfriends, and my beautiful grandchildren. I plan some travel, more time in the garden, volunteering, helping my sister, and maybe doing a little writing. 

Keep doing good and important work —it matters. I will be watching and wishing you every success. Wishing you all the best always!


Vicki Smith Bigham…your accomplishments are now etched in our hearts and minds. You will be missed. We will always look back on your tremendous contributions to education, to technology, to people. Your retirement is well earned, and all of your colleagues, and the team at MDR, wish you much love.

Vicki…we can never completely say farewell to you, but rather, ROCK that retirement!