Prospecting for Educators? We Made You a Map

Remember learning about the California Gold Rush of 1848? Get ready for the Educator Marketing Rush of 2018.

If you haven’t already heard, educators are the next big thing in brand and influence marketing. As mentioned in the Huffington Post article Why Marketing to Educators May Be the Best Decision You Ever Make “…educators are the ideal audience for your marketing efforts…” Forbes recently published an article as well on How to Influence Generation Z Through Education.

It’s true, educators are a marketer’s dream audience; demographically and economically ideal, seven million strong, and distributed throughout the country. But before you go rushing out to buy a mule, know this: smart marketers are surveying the landscape first:

  • They’re taking a hard look at who teachers are.
  • They are mapping teachers’ buying journeys.
  • They’re shaping go-to-market strategies.

The Eureka Moment

The gold that it’s in them thar hills? It’s data.

Never have companies had access to so much data. By culling the right data and choosing the right moment for teacher interaction, brands can see revenue skyrocket by as much as 66 percent, according to our internal research. Marketers have taken this message to heart:

So, before you start panning for data gold, you should understand why data needs to be the focus of campaigns, as well as how to collect and properly use that data before, during, and after launching a campaign. Luckily for you, we made a map.

Our guide, Marketing to Educators: What You Need to Ace the Test, A Brand Marketer’s Guide to Data-Driven Education Marketing will tell you:

  • Why Brands Team Up with Educators
  • How Brands Are Using Data to Woo Teachers
  • What Three Metrics to Leverage During Campaign Execution

You can download the full guide, here. Then, saddle up and prepare to profit from the Educator Marketing Rush of 2018!