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Off into retirement she goes!

The irreplaceable and tireless Anne Wujcik is now officially retired.

For us as a company, it’s impossible to measure her impact or thank her adequately for her wisdom and passion over the years. We are, and will continue to be, inspired by her commitment to education and we will strive every day to make her proud.

Anne began her career as a teacher, giving her roots to an industry that flourished under her influence. From the classroom to the boardroom, she imparted her vast knowledge and insight educating, supporting, and guiding us all in innumerable ways. Anne came to MDR full-time in 2009 as our Education Analyst with an eye for the truth that allowed her to pluck valuable insights from a sea of data. As EdNET Editor, her weekly perspectives benefited us all…she will be truly missed.

We encourage everyone to follow her on Twitter @AnneWujcik for your daily dose of Anne.

Clear-eyed, direct, witty, caring…these are just some of the words her colleagues and friends have used to describe her.

We’ve created a Kudoboard where you can wish Anne well and tell her what she’s meant to you. Please contribute your thoughts and well wishes!

MDR wishes Anne all the best as she embarks on her next adventure.

And…welcome to our new team member!


We’ve searched far and wide to find an education expert we know you’ll find valuable.  We have the pleasure of welcoming her to our MDR team!  I’d like to introduce you all to Melissa Pelletier who is our new Education Research Editor.  She is ready to go with continuing to inspire and illuminate you all on the happenings in the education industry.

Melissa was the Educational Technology columnist for Education World.  She has worked as a copy editor for Nova Science Publishers, where she has edited books on topics ranging from Biology to Physics.  Melissa also earned her master’s degree in Educational Communication and Technology from NYU.

Melissa will be assisting us with content for MDR publications including State of the Market, the School of Thought blog, and the School of Thought newsletter.  She’ll also keep us posted on trends & developments in the K12 industry and will be a resource for hot market topics.

Let’s give Melissa a big welcome!  Feel free to reach out to her with any educational updates.

In other EdScoops news…

The Virtual High School (VHS Inc.), a non-profit organization that empowers schools with top quality online learning programs, has had some great successes with their AP program. According to their latest survey, the student pass rates for AP classes surpassed the national average. Program results for the last academic year also showed that VHS summer school helped students struggling the most, who chose to take the courses for credit recovery. These credit recovery students had a pass rate of 75 percent. During the academic year, overall course pass rate, defined as students who finish their course with a score of 60 or higher, was 90 percent. Over the last five years, the average pass rate for VHS courses was 89 percent.

Congratulations on such great results!

Boxlight Corporation (NASDAQ: BOXL), a leading provider of technology and STEM solutions for the global education market, announced a new Global Vice President of Marketing, Lori Page. “With more than 20 years of experience leading marketing teams, Lori is an accomplished business partner in marketing, channel development, and brand execution. She previously worked with diverse education and business technology companies including Apple, Promethean Cox Automotive, and Eastman Kodak Company,” said Mark Elliott, CEO of Boxlight. The company improves student engagement and learning outcomes by providing educators with the products they need for the 21st Century classroom.

We wish the best to Lori in her new role.

Feel free to reach out to me for all your education industry scoops!

Have a great one!

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