The EdScoops for March 2

Happy March all!  Thank you to all the fans out there for sharing your education scoops, as I love reading and sharing about all the changes in the industry.  Keep ’em coming!

Diving in head first!

As I mentioned in the last EdScoops, we had a new member, Melissa Pelletier, join the MDR team.  Well, she’s not that new anymore!  She’s already working feverishly to finalize our next State of the Market report and has shared her first insights article this week.  Check it out!

In other Education Industry Updates…

SOS Brooklyn, an award-winning creative design and strategy agency that creates interactive and personalized user experiences (UX), announced the launch of their next chapter, Backpack Interactive. Driven by 18 years of experience in the edtech world and a passion to serve as champions of the end user, the new division will create high-impact learning solutions for teachers and students.

Backpack Interactive brings this expertise and innovation to education technology, offering everything needed to conceptualize, design, and build exceptional digital products.

“I’m drawn to learning experiences that don’t feel like typical drill instruction, whether it’s through great games or creating an easy-to-use environment that a student didn’t expect,” said Sean Oakes, the Principal and Co-founder of SOS Brooklyn and Backpack Interactive. “Backpack Interactive takes inspiration from how people play. Students are most comfortable when education doesn’t feel like a task or a job. To truly connect with them, we combine our UX expertise and our extensive knowledge of the learning process to deliver a product equivalent to the experience they have when interacting with their favorite teacher.”

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TE21, Inc, and MetaMetrics®are partnering to provide improved data on student assessment performance. Student ability in reading is now being reported as a Lexile® measure and mathematical ability as a Quantile® measure through the CASE Benchmark Assessments online package. Lexile and Quantile measures are available to CASE customers.

Useful Information for Educators

Lexia Learning Releases New White Paper for Educators – Supporting Non-Proficient Adolescent Readers: Identifying and Addressing Why They Struggle

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress’ reading assessment, only a third of the students in each of the grades evaluated scored at or above proficiency. And while schools’ own end-of-year assessment results tell which students are not reading proficiently, those results do not identify why. Dr. Suzanne Carreker, the principal educational content lead at Lexia Learning, a Rosetta Stone® (NYSE: RST) company, and author of a new white paper titled “Supporting Non-Proficient Adolescent Readers: Identifying and Addressing Why They Struggle,” explores the causes of non-proficient reading and possible solutions.

In the white paper, Carreker discusses the different ways in which students exhibit non-proficiency, such as students who demonstrate deep knowledge and vocabulary in class discussions, but read slowly and inaccurately. Some students read flawlessly, but without good comprehension. She examines the multiple causes for variability in reading proficiency among adolescent readers, giving special attention to two mutually-dependent factors responsible for reading comprehension — decoding and linguistic comprehension.

A complimentary copy of “Supporting Non-Proficient Adolescent Readers” can be downloaded here.

Upcoming FREE Webinar of Interest

On Tuesday, March 13 at 2 PM EST, renowned international education advocate, Alan November will present an informative, live webinar on “Empowering Teachers, Engaging Students.” Hosted by EdWeek, educators will learn how current shifts in education are providing teachers with the opportunity to rethink their role and grow as professionals. Various aspects of an “empowered teacher’s” role will be discussed, along with strategies for developing skills and competencies in those areas. The presentation will cover technology’s role in empowering teachers, and ways teacher communities and PLNs can support professional development.

November will also make the connection between empowered teachers and engaged students. Learn how students can benefit from a focus on learner agency, peer learning/peer assessment, global perspectives, and more engaging, real-world, and personalized lessons and activities.

November is an international leader in education technology and was named one of the USA’s fifteen most influential thinkers of the decade by Tech and Learning magazine. November’s most recent book, Who Owns the Learning? made the education New York Times bestseller list. He has worked with schools and universities in 40 countries to improve learning through innovative practice, and currently leads the globally acclaimed Building Learning Communities conference.

There is no cost to join the webinar, but registration is required. For more information go to:

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