Savvy Shoppers: Understanding Teachers as Consumers

Teachers. They are a seven million strong audience hiding in plain site in every community in the country. With unique, and singularly attractive demographics, (financially stable, homeowners, brand loyal), they are truly the perfect consumer.

We commissioned a study that every marketer should read, whether trying to reach this highly engaged audience inside or outside the classroom. Teachers as Consumers: Background, Interests, Buying Patterns, and Media Uses.  This entire opens in a new windowstudy is a goldmine for marketers looking to get inside the minds of this attractive segment of consumers. Here is just one of the findings from the study:

Put Teachers on Your List 

Who’s steering the shopping cart, and holding the wallet? Jeffery Tobias Halter of YWomen says the “Women influence 7 trillion dollars of spending in the US annually in this country and influence 83% of all consumer spending in the United States.” And our study shows that 71% of teachers are women. So, marketers looking for active, smart shoppers with cash to spend should shop in the teachers aisle. For instance:

Teachers hit the bricks and mortar: teachers in particular continue to be drawn to stores—with 97% reporting having shopped in a department or large chain store within the past 3 months, compared with 91% of the general population.

Teachers click to shop: educators are considerably more likely to do some of their shopping over the Internet (or by phone or mail) than is the overall group (85% vs. 65%). Women’s apparel (24%), books (23%), and hotel/tour reservations (20%) are the top three types of purchases teachers make online.

Teachers love to one-stop-bargain-shop: educators are drawn to stores where they can shop multiple categories and find bargains, as clearly shown by the stores they frequent:


Teachers buy for kids: not surprisingly, close to half (48%) of educators bought toys and games over the past year.

Want to know more? The entire study is available for download, here.