Web Advertising: Insights from the Digital Trends in Education Marketing Report

What do teachers ask for from their students? Attention! So, we guess it stands to reason that teachers themselves pay attention to the web advertising they see online. In fact, in a recent study, we asked educators which types of digital marketing prompted them to make a purchase in the last three months, and 44% said online advertising. That’s a WOW finding, and clearly makes the case for web advertising as part of your multi-channel approach to educators.

We want to help you turn that WOW stat into WOW results. Our Digital Trends in Education Marketing report digs into how educators respond to web advertising. We analyzed 97.1 million ad impressions, across over 580 unique display advertising campaigns, to bring you some key findings. For instance:


Our research shows that smaller, tightly focused campaigns with relevant messaging are most likely to connect with educators. We also found that multiple versions of the creative, deployed throughout the campaign, can prevent “ad blindness” where viewers tune out an ad because they have seen it before.

Whether you’re trying to determine the ad size that will get the best response, or how device type impacts if an ad gets clicked, or if re-marketing ads really work, this report has answers and offers tactics you can implement now.

As a bonus, we’ve also included our lessons learned, best practices checklist, and a heads up on the trends in web advertising we urge you to apply. You can checkout the report here.

Do you have anything you’d like to see included in our next report?  Comment below!

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