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9 Surprising Amazon Perks for Teachers

Nine cool tools—just for us!


We already love Amazon for its ability to get new novels to our Kindles in seconds, birthday presents to our homes in less than a day, and for the hours of streaming TV it provides in our off hours. But our love for Amazon only grows as it continues to provide services and solutions especially for teachers! Check out these 9 awesome Amazon perks for teachers.  Read More >>

13 Jobs to Get You Out of the Classroom But Not Out of Education

Some alternatives to your classroom gig.


The high stakes associated with teaching aren’t a secret. Educators are acutely aware of the significant demands of their chosen profession. When this writer and teacher hears people outside the profession refer to teaching as “a little bit stressful,” she can’t help but bless their little hearts. Since education impacts lives, not products, calling it “a little bit stressful” is like calling Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos just “a little bit unqualified.” Read More >>

Why Good Teachers Quit Teaching

Burnout is real.


Recently, WeAreTeachers posted an infographic from the Learning Policy Institute which addressed many of the frustrations and issues teachers are dealing with in today’s education culture. The infographic illustrated the top reasons cited as to why teachers quit the profession. Read More >>

10 Staggering Statistics About Struggling Readers and Reading Growth

These magic numbers could help struggling readers succeed.


Can reading practice help transform struggling readers into successful readers? And by doing so, can we change the trajectory of their long-term educational careers­—perhaps even influence their odds of graduating from high school and attending college? The following ten statistics about struggling readers and reading growth, originally included in a recent article series by Renaissance, show how even a small increase in daily reading practice could make a huge difference for all studentsRead More >>

8 Ways Principals Can Build Positive School Culture Now

School climate should be the foundation for education.


Relationships come before everything. Building a positive environment in individual classrooms and throughout your whole school is a matter of cultivating and maintaining relationships. It takes commitment and consistency from the whole team—administrators, teachers, and support staff. You can make it happen though, even in the most challenging school environments. Read More >>

Educators: Here’s What You Need to Know About Vaping

It’s time to get serious about the vaping problems in our schools.


Last year, one in three high school seniors used a vape or e-cigarette. So says the study Monitoring the Future, released by the renowned University of Michigan, that surveyed 45,000 students from 380 public and private secondary schools. Here’s the good news: There’s probably very little smoking in the bathroom in most of our high schools. Smoking among teens has been declining for years, but it’s a safe bet that there is vaping. Here’s what every educator needs to know.  Read More >>

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