Forget about finding the perfect moment; engage your teacher audience all year

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Consistent connection matters, regardless of the season.

Communicating with your customers isn’t about waiting for the right moment. It’s about reaching them during times of need, times of plenty, and everywhere in between.

Take educators, for example. Although most schools make spending decisions in March and April, our “Digital Marketing Trends in the Education Market” report found that educators are actually most engaged during the month of July — when 97 percent of K-12 schools are out of session.

If marketers only spoke to educators during the spring purchase period, they’d miss a critical time when educators are ready to consume content. Not only do educators have less time to read and share content during the height of the spring semester, but they also often use the summer months to plan lessons for the coming fall. Without a year-round approach, marketers couldn’t truly call themselves educators’ partners.

Just like educators, other audiences have slower and busier seasons. They go in and out of purchasing cycles. Seasonal companies like ski resorts may shut down for months at a time. But great marketers don’t shut down. They know that consistent connection matters, no matter the season or point in the business cycle.

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