ISTE 2018 Highlights and Best Quotes from the Event

MDR went to ISTE, and all we got were countless helpful tips for digital learning, and endless connections with the education technology community. But seriously, we went to the “epicenter of Ed-Tech” and here are some of the highlights from the three-day event in Chicago.

We laughed, we thought about a lot, and we had a blast. MDR set up a hub in the exhibitor lounge, where we offered free local gourmet popcorn to hungry attendees, as well as networking opportunities and special giveaways, including an interactive quiz through our #MDRGetConnected hashtag.

Educators came to learn about the latest approaches, advances, and new ways to strategically learn and teach. ISTE is one of the world’s most influential Ed Tech events, and this year saw the largest gathering in the history of the conference. We shared the hot topics you could expect to hear about, now here are some highlights, updates and select quotes after the event:

During the event, ISTE made many updates and announcements:

  • ISTE U: This new initiative is an online professional learning hub for teachers and leaders to build critical skills for teaching and learning in a digital world.
  • ISTE Standards for Education Leaders: An updated framework to help focus on digital leadership.
  • EdTech Advisor: A communication tool and platform that provides ISTE educators with insight into which tools, technology, and apps will best meet their learning needs and objectives. Entrepreneurs will be able to list their product or service, network with teachers, garner feedback, and make changes to their products or services based on professional guidance.
  • New partnerships with General Motors and TED.

Another important announcement from the industry:

Future Ready Schools helps K-12 public, private, and charter school leaders plan and implement personalized, research-based digital learning strategies so all students can achieve their full potential. At ISTE, they announced a new initiative, Future Ready Technology Leaders, to empower school and district tech leaders to better connect their policies, practices, and procedures to educational innovation in their schools.


We took to Twitter to find some more headline making news, quotes, and features from the event using the #ISTE18 hashtag. Here is one such great quote, on the nature of the design process and creating solutions – first comes why, then how:

“No one who ever bought a drill wanted a drill. They wanted a hole.” – Perry Marshall.   It’s not about the tech, it’s about what we use the tech to do, learn, or accomplish. #iste18 #FCPSISTE

— Dave Carty (@davecarty) June 27, 2018

A fun innovation that caught everyone’s attention included the idea to use a re-purposed pizza box for a green screen classroom activity!

Pizza boxes for green screens? Magical! #ISTE18 #WOW

— Lynn Colón (@TheColon_s) June 27, 2018

Some other choice tweets about ISTE 2018 include:

Stephanie Teele Ross#ISTE18 really opened my heart and eyes. Learning is not about the tech. It’s about the power of student voice and advocacy. The true power in technology is to break down walls. #WO2World

 – The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn – Alvin Toffler


Finally, a closing thought to take with us, carrying to innovative spirit of ISTE beyond the event:

“The most dangerous phrase in language is ‘we’ve always done it this way’”

So true!! #ISTE18

— Traci Johnson (@tsuejohnson) June 27, 2018

The main idea Traci refers to with this quote is never being afraid of change or innovation, as a tactic to offset stagnancy in your business, your school, and with the solutions to problems in the business of education.

Stay tuned to the ISTE Blog.
According to ISTE: Even onsite attendees couldn’t keep up with everything that went on in the convention center. Whether you were in Chicago or following along from home, you can read up on ideas you can use from the most popular sessions and events. ISTE will continue to post videos and highlights in the coming weeks and months, so stay connected for the latest updates.

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