How You Can Cultivate the One Thing Customers Truly Want

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Every company wants to drive customer loyalty, but many neglect the fact that what customers want is community.

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Loyalty is a tricky thing -- not to mention expensive when you’re trying to create it from scratch.

Everyone’s heard the oft-cited statistic that it costs five to seven times as much to bring in a new customer as retain a current one. And that may be a modest estimate: The Harvard Business Review found across a range of studies that the cost of acquiring a new customer can be as much as 25 times more costly than keeping an existing one.

Marketing Metrics, meanwhile, determined that companies have up to a 70 percentchance of making a sale to a current customer, but -- at best -- a 20 percent chance of selling to a prospect.

What's more, the financial effect of loyalty can be seen beyond sales. In Leading on the Edge of Chaos, Emmett Murphy and Mark Murphy noted that a 2 percent boost in customer retention has the same impact on a company as a 10 percent reduction in costs. The implication, then, is that keeping customers around is crucial, yet many companies seem to be failing to do so -- despite putting extra money and energy into developing better products and services.

Why this disconnect? It turns out that products and services may matter a lot less to customers than community, and that’s something most companies neglect to build.

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