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Lawnmower Parents Are the New Helicopter Parents & We Are Not Here for It

Chances are, you’ve met this new breed of parent.

This post was contributed by a WeAreTeachers community member who wishes to remain anonymous.

Recently, I was called down to the main office in the middle of my planning period. I needed to pick up an item that a parent dropped off for their child. Thinking it was something like an inhaler or money for dinner, I was happy to go retrieve it. When I got to the front office, the parent was holding out a S’well bottle for me. You know, one of those 17-ounce insulated water bottles, barely bigger than a regular bottle of water. “Hi, sorry,” the parent said sheepishly. He was in a suit, clearly headed to work (or something work-like). “Remy kept texting me that she needed it. I texted back, Don’t they have water fountains at your school?, but I guess she just had to have it out of the bottle.” He laughed, as if to say, Teenagers, am I right? I took a deep breath through my nose. “Oh, I have one of those—I love mine, too,” I said. But I’m pretty sure my eyes were saying, WHAT ON THIS ACTUAL EARTH.  opens in a new windowRead More >>

Teachers Share the Most Outrageous Requests They’ve Received From Parents

Some of these might sound a little too familiar.

Most of the time, parents and teachers work as a team to help students. But from time to time, a parent’s request goes way beyond a teacher’s job description. Enjoy these stories from teachers about the most outrageous requests they’ve received from parents!   opens in a new windowRead More>>

11 Reasons Why Teaching Middle School is the Best Job Ever

Middle school beats everything else. #sorrynotsorry

Are you used to doling out relationship advice to those who have been dating for a whole five minutes? Have you been blessed by people when you tell them your profession? If so, there is no doubt you’re a middle school teacher. Although being a middle school teacher has its ups and downs, the “ups” are magical moments that make all the challenges worth it. Here are the top reasons why teaching middle school is by far the best job ever.   opens in a new windowRead More >>

“This is the Worst Group of Students Ever,” and Other Phrases We Wish Educators Would Stop Saying

What we say matters.

“This is the worst group of students ever.” “She struggles because she is right-brained.” “He is not a math person.”

We all say things that we shouldn’t sometimes, and I am guilty of saying many of these myself. But words matter. They often convey unconscious meaning and suggest we hold hidden bias that can be harmful for teachers and students. Frustration is okay, but how we express it has consequences. So consider this a checklist of things educators shouldn’t say because of the unintended impact these phrases can have.  opens in a new windowRead More>>

Still Giving Detention? Here are 5 Better Alternatives

Detention usually doesn’t work. Here is what does.

All too often, when a student misbehaves in class, they are sent to the front office, an administrator assigns a detention, and the instance gets swept under the rug. The teacher is left assuming that the student showed up for their punishment and that sitting in a quiet place for an hour after school “fixed” the problem. However, more often than not, the detention doesn’t work. Those of us who manage the detention hall see the same kids every week, making it clear that repeat offenders are not learning from this discipline practice. Schools need to evaluate the effectiveness of detention and begin searching for alternatives to detention. Here are five effective ways to correct student behavior without using detention.  opens in a new windowRead More>>

10 Teacher Personalities You Can Spot at Every Faculty Meeting

Which one are you?

Every week we must endure it—the dreaded faculty meeting. While some teachers arrive to meetings on the struggle bus, others ride in on cloud nine. In each faculty meeting I have ever attended, I have seen 10 personalities over and over. I may have been one or two or nine of these before myself. Here are 10 teacher personalities you can spot in your faculty meetings. Which one are you? opens in a new windowRead More>>

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