Why Teachers Are a Gold Mine for Your Restaurant

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As a business leader, your ideal audience can be hard to identify. The customers who become your loyal brand evangelists might not be the people your marketing plan originally targeted.

If you’re operating a restaurant, for example, you might be sitting on top of a gold mine consumer group without even realizing it: educators. MDR’s “Teachers as Consumers” study found that educators, including teachers and school administrators, are 10 percent more likely to eat out at family and sit-down restaurants than the general population. The five million educators in the U.S. frequent restaurants of different styles and sizes, from Olive Garden to The Cheesecake Factory, meaning that no matter what subsection of the food industry you’re in, chances are you’re serving an extra-large number of teachers every week.

What makes this audience truly valuable, however, is the credibility it lends to your brand. People trust educators, making them a reputable advocate for your restaurant. Educators are second only to parents as influencers; individual teachers will have a huge impact on thousands of children and their families over the course of their careers. That means that by tailoring part of your marketing strategy specifically to educators, you’ll establish a halo effect that attracts the whole community.

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