3 Things You Need to Know About Gen Z in 2019

Thank you to Inc.com for referencing us in this great article.

Reaching out to Gen Z requires an authenticity few brands possess.

If you thought Millennials cared about social causes, wait until you meet Gen Z.

Even though its oldest members can barely buy liquor legally, Gen Z is defined by passion and drive. The newest generation to join the grown-ups’ table showed up in droves for the 2018 midterm elections, spurred by a desire to reshape the world into a new and better place.

Companies that want to earn Gen Z’s loyalty need to understand that memes and humor won’t be enough. Young people see right through inauthentic corporate-speak. The latest research shows that only 5 percent of Gen Z members believe the media. They don’t care about brands that pretend to speak their language — they care about the state of the world around them. Businesses can either join the cause or get out of the way.

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