4 Ways to Help Tomorrow’s Leaders Develop the Right STEM Skills

Thank you to Manufacturing.net for publishing my guest article on the importance of developing the right STEM skills.

Students today are twice as likely as their parents to enter a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics industry, which is good news to the organizations creating more jobs in these fields each year. The problem, though, is that there won’t be enough workers to fill all of the STEM jobs in the near future, according to estimates.

Manufacturing jobs will continue to increase, but by 2025, up to 2 million of them will remain vacant as employers struggle to find qualified candidates. That makes preparing current students for STEM fields more important than ever. Today’s youth might be interested in math and science, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot if they don’t have the right skills when they enter the workforce. And manufacturing professionals have the power to help them develop those skills early.

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