An Inside Look at School Supply Lists

This may sound crazy, but, with the holidays and winter break in the rear-view mirror, brand and retail marketers are now turning their attention to back-to-school. Yes, it’s true, even in January, teachers are thinking about what to include on next fall’s school supply and wish lists, and this is when marketers should be thinking about it, too.

MDR has found that the school supply list process is not very well-understood outside of the education community. Why should you care? You want your brand to be on that list! That’s why we created this brand-new guide, opens in a new windowAn Inside Look Into School Supply Lists, to help marketers better understand the process, and take advantage of a huge revenue opportunity.

We’ve had marketers come to us with questions like:

  • Who makes the decisions about what gets included on school supply lists?
  • How can I get my brand called out by name?
  • Exactly how does the creation of a list—and its distribution to parents—work?

MDR surveyed more than a thousand PreK-Grade 12 teachers and principals and found that classroom teachers are largely responsible for compiling the lists. The majority of respondents said that they finalize and distribute their school supply and wish lists in the winter and spring, before the end of the current opens in a new windowschool year. Most (73%) said that they request specific brands, and we’re not just talking about pencils and notebooks—teachers also include things like cleaning supplies, tissues, earbuds, and more.

What does this mean for you as a marketer?

It means that you should work to heighten teacher affinity to your brand now in order to boost your chances of winning a coveted spot on school supply lists. The winter and spring are the perfect time to get your message in front teachers and keep your brand top of mind for when they make those final decisions between March and June.

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Many of the biggest consumer brands including opens in a new windowLysol and opens in a new windowElmer’s turn to MDR and our award-winning digital channels to build teacher engagement. If you would like to learn more about the School Supply List survey or are interested in brainstorming ways to connect with educators, reach out to uscreate new email today.