Why You Should Incorporate Instagram Ads into Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Social media advertising provides marketers with great audience targeting choices and the ability to measure conversions. With Instagram steadily growing in popularity at 1 billion active users and Facebook’s user base reaching 2.2 billion, what does this mean for social advertisers and their campaign planning? Brands need to have active promotions running on both, and considering Facebook owns Instagram, cross-platform marketing is simple.

As Facebook continues to develop their ad serving platform, they have made it easier than ever to include Instagram in any ad campaign, even if you do not have an Instagram account set up for your business. And, if your company or brand does have an Instagram account, linking it to your Facebook page makes it even easier to serve ads to your opens in a new windowtarget audience across both channels.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is an original content- and image-focused platform. While Facebook is great for sharing and aggregating content, Instagram shines in displaying original imagery. Another important element to Instagram advertising, from the MDR perspective, is the age of its audience.

Below is a chart of Instagram user ages alongside the ages of all impressions served in MDR’s customer branded advertising on Facebook in 2018.

As you can see, the majority of Instagram users are much younger (ages 18–34) than the bulk of Facebook users (ages 35–64).

Our experience serving Facebook ad impressions on behalf of our customers aligns with these figures. In 2018 MDR served just under 9 million impressions in customer branded Facebook ads to just over 1 million individuals. Over 60% of those individuals were more than 45 years old. While Facebook has been great for reaching educators in that age group, there is an opportunity to reach the large population of younger, Millennial and opens in a new windowGen Z educators by including Instagram in your campaigns. opens in a new windowStatista.com has aggregated Instagram user ages and found that roughly 78% of them are below the age of 45. By using Instagram together with Facebook, there is an opportunity to expand your reach in the educator market.

Instagram Advertising Best Practices

  • Focus on the visual: The Instagram user experience is more focused on imagery than content aggregation. A strong image is a strong path to successful advertising on Instagram. Your image should be able to stand alone without context from your copy.
  • Always caption video ads: Many users keep the sound off on their device when browsing Instagram, so captions will allow you to get your message across, even without audio.
  • Use proven color schemes: Instagram users prefer images with a single dominant color, bluish tints, lower saturation, and lots of visual texture.*

* According to a study from opens in a new windowCuralate

For more tips on social media marketing, get your copy of our opens in a new windowSocial Marketing Best Practices Checklist.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how you can add Instagram ads to your social advertising strategy, please opens in a new windowreach out to us today!