Top 10 Ways to Crush Your Next Education Marketing Conference

It’s our favorite time of year (well, one of them), when you can go to one location and meet all your prospects and customers, show them what’s new, and collaborate on what’s next…city, after city, after city. But, hey it’s great marketing ROI, right? Good for your T&E budget to see a lot of people all in one location, rather than having to travel to them. The thing is, there is so much to do when you get home and even more waiting for you back at the office.

We can help.

Smart planning is the key to creating a well-balanced trade show or conference experience. Prepare in advance, engage while onsite, and follow up after. Simple, right?

Here are 10 practical tips to make the grade with educators at your next conference:

1. First impressions are everything.

Be sure to showcase your company and brand in it’s best light with punchy booth graphics and welcoming people.

2. Pre-schedule onsite meetings.

Conferences are a perfect time to not just tell educators about your product, but to use as a feedback loop to understand how they use your products.

3. Offer a sweet treat.

Candy or gum is always a traffic stopper in the exhibit hall!

4. Host a giveaway.

With an onsite and online contest, you can drive traffic to your booth and your website. Teachers love giveaways!

5. Have a social back channel strategy.

Bring someone onsite to monitor relevant hashtags (especially any that are specific to the event!) and engage with fellow conference attendees.

6. Say yes to networking.

Conferences are a great place to meet new people, create valuable partnerships, and share your new ideas to get honest feedback.

7. Demo a new product or service.

Give your audience the opportunity to interact with your product and follow up with them afterwards to provide more information.

8. Get to know your conference leads.

Before following up with your prospects, gather additional contact data outside of what they supplied during registration.

9. Plan your post-event communications.

Send follow up messages within a week of the show, and don’t just send one email; be prepared with a nurturing plan!

10. Get a head start on planning for next year.

Grab the best booth space on the floor and lock in early-bird pricing to help your budget.

Conference season is your chance to show educators who you are, what you stand for, and what they can expect from future interactions with you. In addition to these takeaways, remember to bring your branded outfit, comfortable shoes, and Epsom salt.

Now, let’s take this show on the road! See what upcoming education industry events MDR will be at this year.

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