Social Causes That Gen Z Cares About—and Why You Should Care, Too

Thank you to Marketo for sharing our guest contributed article.

The kids are growing up. Believe it or not, the oldest of Generation Z (those born between 1996 and 2010, according to MDR) are starting to graduate from college. They’re making many of their own decisions and influencing their parents and society as a whole.

For employers and marketers, this demographic can’t be ignored. Gen Z, bigger than Generation X, has an estimated population of more than 60 million, according to consulting firm BridgeWorks.

Having grown up with domestic terrorism, school shootings, accelerated climate change, and discontent directed toward the government and the media, it is a generation that’s interested in social and political causes.

Gen Zers tend to be more cynical toward large businesses and educational institutions because many experienced their parents losing jobs and their older siblings struggling to find jobs and pay down college debt. As a result of these and other causes, Gen Z is interested in equality, safety, the environment, and helping the less fortunate.

To attract younger consumers and future employees, corporations need to take a position on the topics that this generation cares about.

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