Getting More Bang for your Content Marketing Buck

It’s targeted to educators. It’s rich in detail. It conveys your message persuasively, not to mention the beautiful design! You’ve worked hard on an article, case study, eBook, or white paper and now it’s time for that content to work hard for you. That’s where repurposing, upcycling, and disseminating comes into play as part of your education marketing content strategy.

Creating the actual piece of content is only half the battle. To get the most out of your investment in content marketing, you need to be prepared to do more than just post it on your website, or send out one email promotion and hope that educators find it. We’ve discussed the benefits of multi-channel campaigns to promote everything from events to new products, and promoting a piece of content is no different.

If you start with the objective of creating a multi-channel campaign for every piece of original content that you produce, it becomes much easier to translate your ideas into the native language of each channel. For instance, compelling pull quotes make great tweets that draw  educators in and make them want to know more. A thought-provoking stat can be featured in an irresistibly clickable display ad. A blog post can react to the challenges or trends presented in a white paper with a more editorial point of view and proposed solutions.

Fill the Airwaves

The fact is, educators are busy, get their information from a wide variety of sources, and require multiple impressions before your message is received. For your content to get maximum exposure and impact, it needs to be omnipresent in as many channels as make sense for your specific goals.

Between free, owned, and paid channels, there are options for every budget to promote your content far and wide. Charts and infographics are most suitable for visual channels like Pinterest and Instagram. A webinar allows you to personalize the content and interact with the audience. A pitch to the trade press can elevate your message to new levels.

If your wheels are turning about how you’re going to get more bang for your content buck, this handy checklist will be helpful. Follow these easy steps to learn how to write for content repurposing, translate your content into multiple formats for different channels, and all the ways you can disseminate that content for the biggest impact and response.

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