Take Your CSR Program Back To School

Thank you to CEOWorld Magazine for sharing our guest contributed article.

By now we all know that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not only good for local communities and the world, it’s also good for the bottom line. Any business worth its 21st-century salt has embraced this fact and is running with it. But are you running in the right direction? If you’re still obsessing over Millennials, then the answer is probably “no.”

There is no generation larger, more diverse, or more determined to create social change than Generation Z. Born between 1996 and 2010, this current school-aged generation is primed to effect big change. From organizing protests to volunteering, the members of Gen Z are already actively involved in supporting causes they care about.

Young adults have made it clear they also expect companies to support causes important to them. They are more likely to spend with brands that build customer loyalty through causes and are more likely to want to work for companies with employee engagement programs that reward social action. With workforce pipelines to fill and Gen Z’s estimated spending power of $143 billion, companies that listen to Generation Z will be the companies that thrive.

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