3 ways to make your company irresistible to Gen Z workers

Thanks to TheLadders.com for referencing us in this great article.

When Millennials entered the business world in the early 2000s, unemployment rates were nearly double what they are now — and steadily climbing.

As Generation Z comes onto the scene, unemployment sits at record lows. Companies seeking educated new talent are in a fight to catch the eye of post-Millennial prospects. In this tight labor market, it will take more than ergonomic desks and ping-pong tables to win the hearts of incoming Generation Z.

That’s not to say that Gen Zers aren’t ready to toil diligently under the right circumstances.

According to the Pew Research Center’s findings, this cohort is less likely to be detached from education or employment than Millennials and Gen X were at the same age. But what are the right circumstances?

Glassdoor found that Generation Z employees typically mention job advantages using buzzwords including “work environment,” “flexible hours,” and “good pay.” In other words, these folks want to see what lifestyle edge their career can offer them. And they won’t stick around if a job doesn’t offer it. A Deloitte study indicates that 61% of Generation Z members may jump ship within two years unless an employer can offer strong professional developmental benefits in exchange for their loyalty.

Perhaps this skepticism comes from Generation Z’s high degree of emotional tension. Workforce Institute indicates that these young people are fairly optimistic under normal situations, but 34% feel anxious and 17% struggle with low confidence, especially when considering their career futures.

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