8 Marketing Tips for a Successful School Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and well, the busiest! With the start of the new school year upon us, we are consistently asked “what are the few things we can do now to keep our campaigns fresh for educators and give them an edge up to our competitors?”  Well, to help you out, we’ve rounded up our top tips and strategies for engaging educators throughout the school year. Check out the list below, and be sure to download the infographic for quick reference as you plan your upcoming marketing campaigns.

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1. Clean up your data

Did you know that every school year, 20% of educator contact information changes? You’ve heard this before, but it always warrants repeating. Having a good data hygiene practice is crucial to keeping up with changes in the market. Start the new school year off right by cleaning up your database! Are you feeling “not so clean” and looking for a clean bill of health? Our free report on The Risk of Dirty Data might be able to help.

2. Enrich your data

Did you know that over 1 million educators a year experience a job change? Yeah, we think that’s a lot too!  Adding job function fields to your data will allow you to get the most updated information, so you can avoid sending the wrong email, or wrong messages to the wrong person.

Did you also know you can match your customer data to the MDR database for free, to get an accurate, detailed view of your customers? We can easily help you enhance, clean, and update your customer file with a free customer name matching quote.

3. Know your best customers

Did you know that customers who have purchased from you in the past are more likely to purchase again? So, it only makes sense to gather as much information as possible about this important segment of your database. Sounds pretty rudimentary, but you’d be surprised on the number of people we speak to who only have limited details on their best customers.  Uncover these patterns using MDR’s comprehensive, easy-to-use analytics and modeling tools and help pinpoint your best-prospecting opportunities.

4. Refresh your multi-channel strategy

Did you know the average customer goes through at least 6 touch-points with a brand before converting? We’ve done our homework to learn how teachers use the web, and the result is a keen understanding of educators’ online preferences and buying behaviors. Get better results from your digital campaigns by using a multi-channel strategy that includes digital advertising, social media, retargeting, PPC, and more!

For a start on learning what resonates with educators, I highly recommend checking out our Digital Marketing Trends Report to help you plan your next multi-channel campaign.

5. Plan your marketing calendar with helpful content

Did you know that seasonal content can be a great way to engage audiences? Education marketers shouldn’t overlook those special times, events, and rituals that are unique to the school environment when planning their marketing campaign calendar for the year. We aren’t just talking about Teacher Appreciation Week here!  Be sure to mark your calendar with these school events and holidays, and browse our Media Kit for lots of ideas and examples of year-round campaigns.

6. Get a better understanding of school funding

Did you know that while the majority of school purchases take place over the summer, smaller purchases will be made throughout the school year? It’s important to keep updated on federal, state, and private funding information, as well as Bids and RFPs to maximize your K-12 and College sales and marketing campaigns. MarketView gives you access to the most complete view of the education market available and it’s available to try for free.

7. Know K-12 school spending trends

Did you know that the average amount spent by U.S. School Districts for all instructional materials is $263 per pupil? It’s crucial to understand the districts you aim to work with, from demographics, to federally funded education programs, to school spending, and ways that schools engage in business.  Our State of the K12 Market 2018 Education Landscape Report published earlier this year is the perfect primer for those new to the school market, helpful in gaining a baseline picture of the structure and dynamics of the market, and others to use as a reference tool providing quick access to top-line data, federal grant priorities, annual spending, and more.

8. Be prepared to reach educators all year long

Did you know that the top 3 months for open rates of prospecting emails sent to teachers in 2017 were July, April, and January? Yes, it’s true…July is a top month even when they are not in the classroom.  Shocking we know.  The traditional wisdom in education marketing has been to catch educators’ attention in the first two months of the school year, however, we’re continually seeing engagement throughout the year—including weekends, summer break, and holidays!

Are there any tips you were hoping for that you think we missed?  Let us know below and we’ll do our best help out!

Get your copy of the infographic “8 Marketing Tips for a Successful School Year” here.