What Worked: The Best of Content Marketing Report

If educators respond to relationship marketing, and every relationship starts with a good conversation, then content marketing is your best opening line. Thoughtful, captivating, relevant content that strikes a chord with the teacher audience is an ideal ice breaker. Make an educator feel like you're worth listening to, and you are heading for the top of the class.

Each year, we help clients craft content marketing campaigns that span a variety of media and channels. As we observe the reactions and measure the results, we have a front-row seat to which content educators opened, clicked, liked, watched, shared, downloaded, and acted upon. We've collected all the best performing content in our Best of Content Marketing Report. You can use this report as a guide to the content types, themes, and timing that opened conversations with educators for brands. Here's a preview of a few key takeaways from the report.

Teachers Love Video

Here's one example of content teachers love to consume and share. This visual, light-hearted how-to video on helping students learn multiplication garnered a stunning 1.4 million views on Facebook:


Why It Worked: Looking at the best performing content in the video category, we can tell you that all the videos had a few things in common.

  • They were short: usually 1 minute or less.
  • They featured crafts or how-tos: Teachers are DIY champs, and especially appreciate repurposing of low-cost items (like pool noodles).
  • They aligned with classwork: Anything that helps bring the subject matter to life or that features an activity for students is a big hit.

Teachers Also Love Free Stuff

Here's another example. Teach Your Heart Out sponsored a giveaway for 3 lucky teachers to win a teacher cruise to the Bahamas for the annual Teach Your Heart Out conference. The contest received 20,000 entries!

Why It Worked: All teachers multitask, so a cruise (vacation) that’s also a learning opportunity (PD) is a win-win. But your brand doesn't have to giveaway a cruise to get these kinds of results. Offering school supplies that teachers would not normally purchase for themselves is also a sure bet for catching educators' attention. Books are always a welcome prize, especially during the holiday season. Why not help teachers give the gift of literacy and reading?!

If you're looking for more content inspiration for what works with educators, get your copy of the 2019 Best of Content Marketing Report. In the report we call out top performers in Articles/Blog Posts, Downloadable Posters, Infographics & Guides, Emails, Giveaways, Videos, and Social Posts. For each category, we identify popular themes and tips on why they worked. We even break down which content types work best at each stage of the sales funnel.

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