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What are the hot topics for educators right now?  Check out what school officials, teachers, principals, and all types of educators are most interested in from our educator communities most recently.  This is where we share with you the topics that get the most buzz with educators!

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11 Times Principals Took Their Rules for Teachers Way Too Far

No coffee is bad enough, but rule #6…

Teachers put up with a lot. Low pay, long hours, high expectations, difficult parents… the list goes on. So it certainly doesn’t help when principals make rules that are just a little over the top. We asked our Facebook followers to share the ridiculous school rules that make their lives more difficult, and oh boy, did they ever respond. Read more >>

35 Things You Never Thought You’d Say Until You Became a Teacher

Seriously? Did I just say that out loud?

For teachers, there’s almost no such thing as a normal day. Students, no matter how old they are, do some pretty strange things over the course of the school day. Often times, you find yourself stringing together sentences that you would have never guessed you’d say. Like ever. Read more >>

31 Fun and Educational Halloween Games for the Classroom

Mix fun and learning this Halloween season.

Delight your little ghouls and goblins with these spook-tacular Halloween games, crafts, and activities for the classroom. Your students will be so distracted with their wickedly wild fun that they won’t even realize that they’re also learning. Read more >>

13 Ways to Bring Hygge to Your Classroom

Let’s get cozy.

The US hygge craze started as a pin here and an Instagram post there then suddenly became a full-fledged IRL trend. Everyone was buzzing about hygge. All the while, we were silently wondering: Do you pronounce it hi-guh or hi-gee? (Answer: hoo-guh) But what is it? Read more >>

Dyslexia and Working Memory Go Hand in Hand—How to Help Students Remember More

These classroom hacks can help.

As teachers, we know that when students have certain abilities, they’re better prepared for school and life. Working memory is one of those things. We know it when we see it: Students are organized, know exactly what to do after you’ve given directions, and are able to follow in-depth discussions. Read more >>

Is It Bullying or Not? How to Make Sure Your School Community Understands the Difference

Stop bullying in its tracks.

Conflict between students is inevitable, but it’s not always easy for teachers to identify when kids are crossing the line. Is it just meanness or rudeness? Or is it bullying? Read more >>

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