3 Ways to Engage Educators to Boost Your Brand Image

Thank you to The Marketing Scope for sharing our guest contributed article. 

Educators are a band of wise warriors quietly cultivating the minds that will form our future — they’re some of the most valuable people in society. But how often do you think of them as an investable audience when it comes to building brand awareness?

It’s time for retailers and brand marketers to take a second look at them as potential partners. Educators have direct and trusted influence over their networks. They inform students, parents, and institutional leaders alike, and they’re in a unique position to inspire these potent purchasing groups and turn them into brand advocates.

What’s more, educators are highly invested themselves. When you consider that teachers in the U.S. spend about $1.75 billion every year out of their own paychecks on supplies for their students, you start to gather how important the collective spending power of the nation’s educators can be.

That’s why targeting educators in your business marketing practices can enrich your brand image and grow your bottom line. Many large companies, like Cisco and IBM, have already invested in education-based corporate social responsibility initiatives, and smaller businesses have a lot to gain by following their lead.

Here are three ways you can engage this powerful audience in your marketing initiatives to boost your brand image and your bottom line.

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