3 Verticals That Rock School Fundraising

Thanks to Mogul for publishing us in this great article.

Here’s a sneak peak of the article written by our very own Linda Ingersoll.

There are few certainties in life: death, taxes, and school fundraisers. If you have a student in your life, you’ve likely been shaken down by a 4-foot-tall, pig-tailed sales rep asking you to invest in her school’s wrapping paper pyramid scheme. From graduation activities to field trips, schools try (and many must) raise funds for student enrichment, extracurriculars, and, in many cases, a higher purpose.

In a MDR survey, 94% of educators said their schools support at least one or two causes, and half said their schools support several each year. Charitable fundraising is de rigueur for Generation Z, as are the life skills learned by asking friends and family to support the school’s cause.

Smart businesses and nonprofits get this, and they are benefiting from reaching educators, parents, and youth through school fundraisers.

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