Some of the Savviest Instagram Influencers Are Classroom Teachers

Thanks to The Marketing Scope for publishing us in this great article.

Check out this excerpt from our very own Donnine Souhrada below.

When it comes to Instagram influencers, you’re likely picturing young celebrities promoting the latest hot trend. But there’s another group that’s spending time exerting influence over young people on social media: teachers. They’ve mastered the art of connecting virtually, according to new research from MDR.

Teachers aren’t surfing mindlessly, though; they’re using social media to enhance their professional development, share exciting classroom ideas and materials, and shop for school supplies. Nearly 80% of teachers spend between 15 minutes and one hour each day on Instagram during the week, and the majority spend even more time there on weekends. They have no plans to let up, either: 44% predict they’ll increase their social use within the next two years.

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