Do the Benefits of Digital Devices in School Classrooms Outweigh the Downsides?

Thanks to The Wall Street Journal for citing MDR data from our Teachers Talk Technology report in their article! 

Two professionals in the education space share the benefits and potential downsides of digital devices in classrooms:

“Technology has steadily worked its way into classrooms around the world, from kindergarten to graduate school. Its use in schools has been strongly supported by the U.S. Education Department, among others, and it is widely viewed as a valuable tool—even a necessity—in education.

But its use has critics, as well. They worry about digital devices taking time away from teacher-student interaction, especially in the early school years. And they question how effective technology is in helping students from lower-income families narrow the performance gap in the classroom.

Linda Darling-Hammond, president and CEO of the Learning Policy Institute, says new technology is essential to educating students and preparing them for the rest of their lives. Natalie Wexler, an education journalist and author, argues that the way technology is being used in the classroom is harming the education of many students, especially those from low-income families.”

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