School Supply Lists for Fall? They’re Being Compiled Now.

Teachers are known for their advance planning, so it’s no surprise they get out ahead of the fall classroom resupply game by making their shopping lists months in advance. And our research reveals most lists are compiled in the spring.

To make the list, it’s important to focus your persuasive attention on teachers because over $13 billion is spent each year on instructional materials with their input and guidance. Also, almost all teachers spend out-of-pocket money on classroom supplies in addition to any funds provided by their district or school.

Here’s what you need to know about what makes it into a teacher’s cart or onto a school supply list:   

  • 73% of teachers are brand loyal and often request specific brands
  • There are only approximately 12 spots on a school supply list
  • Teachers choose to put their favorite brands first

If you’re getting the idea the school supply market is competitive, you’re right. So, winning the hearts and minds of teachers is an important first step. We’ve helped brands get a foothold on school supply lists with engaging programs like free classroom resources, engaging lesson plans, and fun contests. In fact, MDR and our award-winning WeAreTeachers digital channels drove over 10M brand impressions in a six-month period for Lysol.

We’re full of ideas your brand can use to get top-of-mind with teachers and your product into their carts. Contact us to take advantage of the list-making season today.