5 Tips for Communicating With Educators During COVID-19

In this new normal, we are participating in online meetings while we work from home. Our kids are connecting with one another through online school and activities. Many of us celebrated the spring holidays with our families virtually, and some of us may have even lifted a glass of wine during an online happy hour. Our nature is to want to connect, especially in a time of crisis.

It’s important to connect with your education customers while navigating the rocky waters of the COVID-19 crisis. MDR has always advocated for connecting opens in a new windowall year long with educators, and now that may be more important than ever before. The challenge comes with setting the right tone for communications.

Here are five tips to support you as you develop your messaging—and set the right tone with educators:

  1. Acknowledge the current situation briefly and get to the point.
    Express care and concern but remember that educators, more than anyone else, know what they are dealing with so focus their precious time on reading communications about how you can help them.

  1. Think twice before you pick up the phone and call.
    Unless you have a longstanding relationship with a customer, email is the better way to make contact right now. Administrators and teachers are reporting that they are inundated with calls from parents and other caregivers who are trying to make remote learning work for students. Reach them digitally instead and you’ll likely see better engagement.

  1. Make sure a free offer is free.
    If you are offering your product or service for “free” right now, be sure there are no strings attached, i.e., no requiring ties to a future purchase. Show that your motivation is altruistic and you are being a good partner during these trying times.

  1. Think about what you are communicating — i.e., is it something educators need to know?
    Focus on topics that are relevant today. Is your message something that educators need to know about right now? We can help you find out based on our recent survey, conducted via our opens in a new windowWeAreTeachers community, that drew over 2,000 responses. Take a look at all of the survey results to find out opens in a new windowWhat Educators Need Right Now.

  1. Remember, it’s not business as usual.
    If your email or other communication includes a call to action, make it easy to act. Include a direct link to where to sign up for your offer, a phone number to call for more information, or a calendar link to easily schedule a meeting.

We are all dealing with uncertainty about what the future will hold and figuring out the path forward together.   The educational landscape is changing daily—we are watching the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and what it means for the opens in a new windoweducation community.

MDR is here to support you as you develop your outreach campaigns over the days, weeks, and months to come. To that end, we have put together opens in a new windowresources and tools to help you efficiently adjust your marketing plans, reach educators, and navigate this evolving environment.