Is this EdTech’s big moment? Hear from teachers

A Gallup report from fall 2019, Education Technology Use in Schools, found that slightly over half of teachers (53%) said they would like to use digital learning tools more often in teaching. Teachers are getting that opportunity now with EdTech (i.e., educational technology) adoption on fast forward, and MDR wanted to know how they were feeling about it so we asked.

This past April we surveyed 2,000+ teachers and administrators via WeAreTeachers  to understand how they were adapting to remote learning. When we asked teachers “How will teaching remotely during the COVID-19 crisis change you as an educator?” 300 directly mentioned that they expect to integrate the technology tools they are using into their regular classroom routine.

Teachers’ comments on remote learning included:

“I plan to incorporate more technology-based activities in my teaching once we are back in the classroom.”

“I will always have virtual backup lessons and teach students how to access.”

“I will have a better way to communicate and involve parents. New platforms to try.”

How Administrators See the Long-Term Impact of Remote Teaching

Our April survey also took administrators’ pulse by asking about their sentiments on remote learning. They see the long-term impact as more training for teachers and more investment in online learning platforms.

How to turn insights into action

See what teachers said. Learn some of their top needs now by reading about how teachers are feeling. You can also see a summary of the Voice of the Educator survey results by downloading our infographic.

Ask them directly. MDR can help you do that by connecting you directly with teachers, principals, and administrators for research, surveys, and focus groups. Get even more answers by conducting your own market research study.

MDR is always here to help you engage and support the education community, especially during these trying times. As we get through this together, we’ll help make sure you have the resources you need.