Navigating the School Buying Cycle During COVID-19

Navigating the school buying cycle has always been about syncing your marketing efforts to the beat of the educators’ purchasing journey to avoid missed steps and lost opportunities. With the COVID-19 outbreak changing how we view “school” so drastically these past few months, navigating the upcoming school buying cycle is perhaps the most challenging yet.

Now would typically be the time when companies would be ramping up their efforts to market products and resources for the 2020–2021 school year, but instead everyone is taking a step back to assess what the needs will be in the future.

The school buying cycle has been turned on its head and as a community we are all figuring out what kids need to be able to learn in opens in a new windowthis new normal. What do we need to keep teachers teaching from afar and for parents implementing learning at home? How do we get buildings ready, so students are safe when they do come back? Some districts may know exactly what they need, while others may need some ideas based on their specific state regulations and district population.

The good news is there is money available for your products and services. The Federal CARES Act, approved in March 2020, included nearly $40 billion allocated for K-12 schools, higher education, and programs serving children. To help you identify districts eligible for this funding, MDR created selections based on a proprietary formula and modeling to determine how much each institution will receive. Additionally, we are tracking actual dollars allocated to districts in opens in a new windowMarketView. Leverage this data and what you know about your traditional buyers to target your best customers of today. You can also get MDR’s insights about the CARES Act funding that we shared at our opens in a new windowwebinar last month.

Think About School in New Ways

We’ve also developed a opens in a new windowcollection of resources—a one-stop shop to help you manage through COVID-19. Here you will discover education resources, quick refreshers on marketing strategy, and best practices for right now.

MDR is committed to providing you with new strategies, tools, and resources to help you successfully respond to this continually changing landscape.