Redefining Quality Education Data for 2021

What’s moving the needle in sales and marketing these days? Complete, Accurate, and Fresh Data.

The definition of data quality is changing, largely because today’s education sales and marketers are using data as high-octane fuel for sophisticated activation strategies, like:

  • Personalization
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Customer Data Platforms
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Defining Buyer Personas
  • Identifying Lookalike Audiences
  • Marketing Automation
  • And much more!

For this level of activation, yesterday’s robust email list and simple firmographic segmentation isn’t enough. You need more holistic intel that’s as close to real-time as you can get and accessible the moment you need it. Powerful, activation-ready data quality is:  

  • Complete – You have enough granular information about your customers and prospects to segment audiences, craft targeted messaging, and identify new lookalike audiences. 
  • Accurate – Given the high rate of change in education—even more so now during the pandemic—you need an up-to-date source of truth on which educators are changing schools, jobs, and roles. 
  • Fresh – Data is current on the day it is collected. Every day after, its power to generate results wanes. For digital marketing especially, having a pipeline to the most current data can mean the difference between clicks and email bounces.  

Increasing your investment in data quality isn’t just about securing the best data up front. It’s also about the efficiency of your whole marketing operation.

Any time salespeople are searching for a contact name, or an email deployment gets held up for last-minute updates, or a campaign falls flat due to overly broad targeting, budget dollars are flying out the door. As much as $15 million per year in losses! That’s Gartner’s* estimate of the average cost of poor data quality to an organization.

MDR has brought together our best thinking about data quality in our new report: From Clean to Activated: Getting the Maximum ROI from Education Data. Education marketers will appreciate the context from industry statistics, insights on how quality data impacts results, and advice to help you avoid the pitfalls of stale data and get the most return from your data investment.    

You can get this report here!

*Source: How to Create a Business Case for Data Quality Improvement