Teacher Appreciation Day x 365

We’re all familiar with Teacher Appreciation Week. Considering everything teachers are dealing with right now–return to in-person instruction, keeping kids safe, helping students catch up, and controversies about curriculum—we’d like to make a suggestion…

Let’s make every day Teacher Appreciation Day.

Here’s why: whatever expectations you may have in a typical year for teacher time? Rethink it. Expecting teachers to have the bandwidth to evaluate new products, get up to speed on EdTech, or participate in social media events? They may not.

The good news is that you can support teachers while still showcasing your brand and offering. The trick is in doing it in a way that makes life easier for teachers. Here are some of our suggestions from WeAreTeachers’ greatest hits:

Free Printables/Downloadables

Time will be teachers’ hottest commodity this year. Anything that jumpstarts creating visually engaging materials for their classrooms will be appreciated.

Example: An assessment company built awareness for a new Social Emotional Learning product by working with MDR to create a classroom poster. The campaign generated 1m+ total impressions, a 20% email open rate, 6% email click-through rate, and nearly 15k poster downloads—and it’s still downloaded regularly with no promotion! Learn more.

Here are some programs running right now:

Virtual Field Trips

With remote instruction still happening in some areas and for some students, teachers need options that can work wherever the students are. There are opportunities to create curricula or sponsor materials created by others.  

Example: A non-profit committed to conservation and protecting the Earth’s natural resources wanted to help educators teach young people about nature with free resources. The client partnered with MDR on a series of exciting live Virtual Field Trips and videos for classrooms. The live events were recorded, with the videos posted on YouTube and promoted heavily. Over 10,000 classrooms registered to participate in these virtual events, email promotion of the live events had a healthy open rate of 5.2% and follow up email promotion of the client’s resources yielded nearly 60k email leads. Learn more.

Here are some programs running right now:


Free is teachers’ favorite word. Even with the funds flowing in to education from stimulus bills, giveaways are a fast and easy avenue for teachers to get equipment and supplies they need.

Example: A non-profit research organization dedicated to early childhood learning wanted to connect with their early childhood audience, create teacher goodwill, and generate a pool of leads for nurturing. The client worked with MDR on tips from an expert for boosting reading skills and the chance to win math and science materials. The program earned nearly 900k total impressions, email open rates above 9%, and over 14k leads delivered. Learn more.

Here are some programs running right now:

Here’s How to Get Started

Love this idea but not sure where to begin? The team at WeAreTeachers are experts at designing awareness, engagement, and nurturing programs that hit the sweet spot with teachers. They can help you identify exactly the right program and an offering that will be warmly welcomed by educators and earn you thanks and brand loyalty.

Teachers need to know how much we appreciate them. Join us and let’s make sure they feel it every day. Call 800-333-8802 to hear some ideas teachers will love!