Let’s Thank Teachers for All They Do

Teacher Appreciation Week 2022 is May 1-7

It’s been a rough couple of years for all of us, especially our country’s teachers. They’ve had to learn how to teach remotely, help their students overcome unprecedented learning loss and support them as they face mental health challenges brought on by the isolation and uncertainty of the pandemic. It hasn’t been easy and, in many cases, teachers feel unappreciated. In fact, in a new survey conducted by WeAreTeachers, only 22 percent told us that they felt teaching is a “respected profession.”

Let’s show our teachers that’s not true! Teacher Appreciation Week, May 1-7, 2022, provides all of us – parents, students, and the entire education community – with the chance to tell teachers how much we value and appreciate them. Instead of just buying them another coffee mug or pen and pencil set, let’s remember and thank teachers for all they give our students, families, and communities:

  • Time. Anyone who knows a teacher understands that it is not a nine-to-five job. Teachers are up at the crack of dawn to prepare for the day and arrive at school ready for their students. They spend their nights and weekends grading papers and writing lesson plans infused with creative and engaging ideas. Their inboxes are full of emails from concerned parents needing to be answered and even when they spend time on social media, they are likely searching for classroom activities and resources.
  • Inspiration. Every day, our nation’s teachers inspire and engage their students. It may be by encouraging a reluctant reader to pick up a book or making learning fractions fun for their class, but their daily mission is to ensure that all learners are engaged and on track for success.
  • Guidance. Teachers see the strengths and weaknesses in their students and guide them as they learn and grow. They motivate their students to do well, to work hard and keep their academic goals on track.
  • Dedication. Teachers aren’t teaching for recognition or a paycheck but because they have a passion for kids and learning. They believe in the power of education and are dedicated to ensuring that students have access to high quality learning opportunities.
  • Themselves. Teachers give themselves to their students, parents, and communities. They share their creativity, affection, knowledge, and compassion every day in their classrooms. They learn new teaching methods to best engage their students, immerse themselves in new curriculum and learning resources, and participate in professional development designed to accelerate learning for their students. Teaching is not a job – it is a profession!

This Teacher Appreciation Week – and all year long – let’s remember to thank teachers for all they do for our communities. Write a thank you note, sharing the impact they have had on your life or their lives of your children. They’ll appreciate it! And if you want to show your appreciation with a gift, there are some great ideas on WeAreTeachers.