New School District Job Titles: Facilities Management & School Safety

Our database of school personnel recently grew with the addition of 35 new job titles and 11 title changes at the district level, reflecting the current educational landscape. In last month’s blog post, we introduced new titles in the “Health & Wellness” category, representing an increased focus in schools on those important two areas. As the school environment continues to evolve to reflect overall societal challenges, new job titles have emerged in “Facilities Management & School Safety.”

With an increased emphasis on ensuring that schools provide students with a healthy, safe environment, our study of district job titles discovered new roles in building operations. To manage these increasingly complex environments, districts are adding the job title of “Operations Manager” to their facilities departments. Individuals in these roles manage the day-to-day operations of the district’s buildings and ground services, supervising school custodians and other facilities staff. Often, they are charged with ensuring that buildings and grounds meet federal, state, and local regulations for a safe, healthy, and clean environment that supports learning.

Like many organizations today, school districts are focused on ways to conserve energy to combat climate change and save money and so another new role in facilities departments is “Energy Management Director.” This individual is responsible for planning, implementing, and operating the district’s energy management program, implementing strategies to save energy, and conducting energy audits of buildings. They also forecast future energy costs, prepare reports to the administration and school board on energy consumption, and negotiate pricing with utility companies.

Another new job title in school districts is “Risk Management Director.” Working with both facilities management and human resources, this individual coordinates and directs the district’s risk management functions, such as facility safety, general liability, workers’ compensation, employee benefits and attendance, and student insurance programs. They may also review and analyze the district’s status for compliance with healthy and safety regulations and identify, eliminate, and control risk to protect the assets of the district.

These new titles and more than 30 others are now in our database of nearly 6 million K-12 personnel from the country’s 13,000 school districts. Check out all the new titles here and use our ConnectED Cloud ListBuilder to build campaigns, using these titles and hundreds of others, to reach the key decision-makers for your tools, resources, and services.

Next month, we will look at new job titles in the technology category, as school districts grow and evolve their IT management to support today’s growing data infrastructure and learning technology innovations.