WeAreTeachers’ “Jackhammer Parents” Article Goes Viral

How Your Brand Can Benefit From These Editorial Successes

While many of us may have heard of the term “helicopter parents,” the moms and dads who always seem to hover around their children trying to fix every problem they may encounter, WeAreTeachers editor and former teacher, Kelly Treleaven hit a chord with teachers when she introduced the term “jackhammer parents,” to the conversation. In her piece, “How Jackhammer Parents are Destroying Schools,” Treleaven describes these parents by their defining characteristics, “They are relentless. They are loud. They are destructive. They are powered by fear.” And from the response, Treleaven definitely isn’t the only teacher to have encountered one.

Since going live on July 20, 2022, the article has received almost 80,000 unique page views on WeAreTeachers. The initial post promoting the article on Facebook has received over 400,000 impressions, has been shared 1,200 times, and garnered 904 comments. Subsequent articles about this piece enjoyed high engagement as well.

As if WeAreTeachers needed any more evidence of the way this article resonated with our audience, a staff writer at the Washington Post reached out to Treleaven to ask if she could republish the piece in the newspaper. “Rise of the Jackhammer Parent,” was published on August 1, 2022.

Read more from educators across the country (and even the world) who weighed in with similar experiences, perspectives, and solutions in What Teachers (and Others) Are Saying About “The Jackhammer Parent.”

MDR prides itself on being a leader in the education market. We provide your brand with information, strategies, and resources needed to speak directly to the educators you wish to reach. Treleaven’s piece was editorial and provides an excellent example of how in touch the MDR team is with what matters to this audience. We hope you will let us put this knowledge and experience to work for you as we help connect your brand to teachers everywhere.