New School District Job Titles: Technology

In last month’s post, we introduced new “Facilities Management & School Safety” job titles and we also previously examined new “Health & Wellness” positions. Now let’s look at the important category of “Technology.”

While K-12 schools have been making significant investments in technology for decades, the events of the past few years, including the unanticipated switch to remote learning, have made having a strong school technology team more critical than ever before. Individuals in tech roles ensure that there is equitable access to technology across the district, that it is successfully integrated into learning and administration, and that the district has the technology infrastructure to support its critical mission. That’s a heavy lift. So, it is no surprise we identified four new job titles and one title change in the category.

New to the “Technology” category is “Database Administrator.” This person is responsible for directing and performing all activities related to a successful database environment, including managing the collection, entry, integrity, consistency, quality, and output of the data stored in the school’s management information system.

“Technology Services Director” is another new title. This person has the important job of planning, purchasing, installing, and maintaining the physical technology systems of the district in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and requirements. The new title “Information Tech/Services Director”  represents a combination of the first two new tech titles we described. These individuals are responsible for both the district student information system and other technology services and infrastructure.

Individuals in the new “Innovation Director” role are responsible for planning, implementing, directing, and maintaining the district’s use of educational technology within the instructional curriculum; evaluating and providing recommendations regarding software applications and computer technology; and providing professional development for educational technology.

The existing “Student Information Services Director” title has been updated to “Information Systems Director,” illustrating that the individual in this role is responsible for all of the district’s database and information services – not just those that manage student information.

You can find these new titles and more than 30 others in our database of nearly 6 million K-12 personnel from the country’s 13,000 school districts. Check out all the new titles here and use our ConnectED Cloud ListBuilder to build campaigns using these titles, and hundreds of others, to target decision makers with your offerings.

In our final examination of the new titles in the database, next month we will look at categories that put an emphasis on human relations: “School Relations/PR” and “Student & Staff Health & Wellness.”