Top Six Reasons for Spring Cleaning Your Data

“Out with the old, in with the new” is a great attitude for starting the year! But it also applies to the data that you use for your successful marketing programs. An MDR report on the risks of dirty data revealed that cleaning up your database could boost your company’s revenue by up to 66 percent.

Here are our top six reasons why you should spring clean your marketing data:

  1. Education is on the move. Lots of people are moving in and out of positions in schools and districts. In 2022, MDR added more than 1.2 million names to our database and removed an almost equal number – 1.1 million.
  1. New titles are being added. There aren’t just new people coming into the education community – there are new job titles constantly being added, reflecting the ways districts are responding to today’s challenges. Last year, we added 36 new job titles to our database of school personnel. They included jobs in Technology, Health & Wellness, Facilities Management & School Safety, Human Resources and School Relations/PR. One of those positions might be perfect for your next email or direct mail campaign.
  1. Educators are job changers. Nearly 800,000 of the people in our database changed jobs in 2022. Updating your data will help you ensure that you aren’t getting bounce backs or returned mail.
  1. Email addresses change. Last year, we added 1.2 million email addresses and removed 500,000. Again, the way to avoid those unwanted bounce backs and maximize your marketing investments is to be sure that info is up to date.
  1. Schools are closing; schools are opening. In 2022, we removed 521 schools from our database, but we also added 878 new ones. Updating your data ensures you reach new schools and don’t waste your resources on those that no longer exist.
  1. New year, new audiences. The new year is also a good time to think about the audiences you are targeting with your products and services. Maybe you ran a campaign or two last year that didn’t reach the levels of success you had hoped for? Revisiting your buyer personas might breath new life into your marketing campaigns by ensuring that you are communicating the right message to the right person.

If you need help getting started, MDR’s Data Hygiene solutions is a good place to start. From analysis to find your best customers to optimization tools to maintain clean records, MDR can help you clear through your data clutter and enhance your customer files.

While you might constantly be building new lists and reaching new titles with MDR’s ConnectED Cloud ListBuilder, it makes sense to start the new year by updating your legacy lists to be sure they are fresh  and correct. Want to learn more about how MDR can help with your data spring cleaning?  Reach out to us at