How Your Brand Can Reach Educators This Back-To-School Season

Back-to-school season is officially upon us! From mid-July through September, teachers across the United States are preparing their classroom spaces, putting together lesson materials, and gathering supplies. This time of year presents a unique opportunity to reach educators as they are actively searching for classroom ideas, free resources, and innovative products. With the wide range of school open dates from late July until early September, now is the perfect time get a jump start on your back-to-school promotions to get the most out of your reach. 

At MDR, we’re experts in the education space and can help put your brand in front of the educators you want to reach most. Here are some ways you can support educators during the back-to-school season while keeping your brand in mind.

Provide educators with practical classroom ideas to simplify their days.

During the back-to-school season, teachers are gathering ideas to use throughout the upcoming year. They look to different teaching sites and social media channels to save ideas and implement them in the classroom. Create useful ideas that include your products or resource roundups for teachers to draw upon.

  • How MDR can help: Reach educators by sponsoring an article on, a trusted teacher source that provides daily teaching ideas.

Give teachers ready-to-go classroom worksheets and printables.

Creating custom classroom materials is time-consuming for teachers who already have enough responsibilities. Create a useful download that teachers can use in the classroom, giving them the essential help they need while building a positive brand association.

  • How MDR can help: Work with our classroom experts to develop worksheets, posters, and printable content to put in the hands of educators.

Support teachers with advice and solutions to common issues.

Think about the pain points teachers may be experiencing and how you can provide support through your brand’s knowledge, resources, and offerings. Educators often look to the web to connect with others in similar situations and get advice on how to proceed.

  • How MDR can help: Spotlight your brand while giving teachers helpful insights and solutions to classroom problems through a custom article.

Create interactive, fun, and unexpected resources.

Teachers have so much on their plate, and that can get overwhelming. Positioning your brand or product as an aid to help teachers simplify the things they do each day comes with so much value.

  • How MDR can help: Together with your brand, our team can produce interactive games and quizzes, virtual field trips, and more to get teachers excited.

Educate teachers on how your brand can make their classrooms run more smoothly.

Teachers have so much on their plate, which can get overwhelming. Positioning your brand or product as an aid to help teachers simplify the things they do each day comes with so much value.

  • How MDR can help: Send your message to the educators you want to reach most with custom email audiences, ad placements, and sponsorship opportunities.

Give back to teachers and gain valuable leads in return.

Teachers need support more than ever. Surprise them with an exciting giveaway or incentive to help them feel like your brand truly cares. Gift cards and free products work wonders for teachers who are in the middle of setting up their classrooms!

  • How MDR can help: Host your giveaway on to position your brand as a supporter of education while gaining leads from our engaged educator audience.

Reach teachers on social.

Teachers are scouring the internet to gather ideas and resources for their classrooms. Get in the social mix by regularly posting organic and paid content! Be clear about your offer, and remember the key to conversions is often offering free content, ideas, or a trial to get teachers interested in your brand. 

  • How MDR can help: Utilize the curated social audiences from WeAreTeachers to reach the educators you are most interested in. Our tuned-in audience can be targeted in a variety of ways including location, grade level, subject, and so much more.

Positioning your brand as a supporter and advocate of teaching can go a long way. When producing content, it’s important to keep in mind how that content is supporting educators. Putting another item on a teacher’s plate is not the way to get them to engage with your brand. Supporting teachers and advocating for the teaching profession will help get you the engagement and brand recognition you truly want.

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