5 Reasons To Partner with WeAreTeachers

1. WeAreTeachers.com saw a record-breaking 61M page views in 2022.

WeAreTeachers.com is a powerhouse media brand that 61M teachers visited last year. By partnering with us on your education campaigns, we’ll make sure teachers think of you. We’ll help you reach teachers who specialize in elementary, secondary, music, art, science, and language arts, along with principals and administrators. Our audience trusts the WeAreTeachers brand and continues to come back for more.

2. Partner with us to reach our 3.6 million social followers.

3.6 million educators across the WeAreTeachers social following

Across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok, our social channels have a scope of over 3 million educators! The WeAreTeachers social following is the equivalent of 31 teachers per school in the United States. In addition, over 68 million people interacted with our social content in 2022! Our loyal social audience is active across all channels and can become a great place to get your message to the educators you want to reach most. Let us help you find the right social strategy for your brand, including targeted, co-branded social advertising.

3. Up your email game with our loyal opt-in audience of over 2.6 million educators.

WeAreTeachers sends 14 audience-specific e-newsletters to our loyal audience, each one reaching 100,000 to 250,000 educators. Your brand’s placement in just one of our e-newsletters could be the equivalent of reaching 1 in 16 teachers in the United States. Our specialized newsletters for principals, elementary teachers, high school teachers, and others allow your brand to be in front of the type of educators you are most interested in. Our highest e-newsletter open rates reached up to 64% in 2022!

Reach 1 in 16 US educators with a WeAreTeachers e-newsletter placement

4. Build evergreen content with us through search strategies.

53% of WeAreTeachers site traffic came from search in 2022

In 2022, over half of the traffic to the WeAreTeachers site came from search. This evergreen strategy puts our brand name first when educators search for classroom ideas and downloadables. Capitalize on our expert search strategies by sponsoring articles on our site that are high performing on search engines. Adding your name and sponsor message to an SEO-driven piece puts your brand directly in front of teachers who are searching for a particular topic.

5. Our brand continues to grow, and we can help you do the same.

In 2022, WeAreTeachers was able to reach over 17% more educators than the previous year and received 20% more pageviews on weareteachers.com. Come find the educators you want to reach most with our thriving brand. We’d love to partner on content, email, or advertising to get your message out in front of our loyal audience.

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