Add a New Dimension to Your Education Marketing: Depth

Multi-channel marketing is all about giving your message its widest reach, meeting your audience on the channels they frequent the most, and benefitting from multiple touches to drive your message home.

Now that you have messaging width covered, it’s time to explore the opportunities of another dimension: depth.

Forbes suggests that “The best marketing strategy in 2023 will be one with integrated video and written content.” They suggest that while websites will always feature text content, adding video to showcase products or concepts alongside the text gives it extra punch.

We agree, and we’d take it a step further: Don’t limit yourself to just pairing video with text to add depth to your outreach. Look for other ways to combine assets in each channel for more impact.

Introducing Compound Channel Marketing

Think of compound interest, or the interest you earn on interest. It is a passive method of earning more by making the assets you have work for you.

At MDR, compound channel marketing is a concept we can get behind because it delivers more value with little additional effort or cost. It also has the potential to appeal to the specific research needs and preferences of educators.

Compound Channel Marketing illustration

You know educators have no time to spare. The more efficiently you can give them all the information they need to make a purchase decision, the better. For instance, a webpage that describes a product, paired with a video that shows the product in use, and featuring a sidebar promoting a case study webinar recording is a one-stop shop that packs a persuasive punch.

Start looking for opportunities to combine assets from across your channels. Here are some ideas to get you started:  

  • Display ads in white papers: White papers and e-books capture interest by dissecting an issue facing education. Connect your readers to real-life success stories by reusing display ads for case studies in the PDF. Eye-tracking research shows that an online display ad needs to be visible on a webpage for 14 seconds, on average, for a consumer to gaze at it for one full second. Make use of the extended attention a reader gives a white paper to get more value from your display ad creative.
  • Carousel post a webinar: Reach those who didn’t make your last webinar by summarizing key points, stats, and questions in a carousel post on Facebook or Instagram and adding a link to the full recording of the webinar.
  • Social posts in e-newsletters: An impressive 77% of teachers use social media to find resources for the classroom. Build your social following by using social posts as graphic elements in e-newsletters to interest readers in the quality of content you offer in that channel.
  • Convert a trade-show presentation into an infographic leave-behind: Any sales presentation that features compelling stats or steps in a process can be translated into an infographic. Put a QR code on the last slide and the audience can walk away with your best messaging and links to further resources.  
  • Video and polls in emails: Interactive elements like a scratch-off coupon, quizzes, polls, embedded videos, slideshows, rollover images, or even infographics engage email audiences in new and exciting ways that have proven to increase CTRs.

See our 2023 Data-Driven Digital Marketing Trends in Education report for more insights on how educators use digital channels to spark ideas on how to combine assets and channels for more impact.

From Marketing Funnel to Engagement Slide    

The idea behind multi-channel marketing is to create multiple “doors” to engagement. The idea behind compound channel marketing is to multiply engagement options once the audience takes the first step inside. To put it another way, make the marketing funnel more “slippery” by removing friction from moving on to the next level in the journey to a sale.

The best part? You likely already have all the assets you need for compound channel marketing at hand and in use across your channels. And MDR can help you brainstorm ways to apply compound channel marketing in your campaigns. Reach out to us!