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Maureen Hance is the Market Insight Product Manager at MDR. She has spent most of her career in the K-12 industry with over 20 years at MDR in Sales, Product Development, and Marketing. She currently manages MDR’s Market Research, including the State of the K-12 Market reports, which are based on large-scale educator surveys and provide insightful analysis of the education market. She also oversees MDR’s custom Market Research offerings and is committed to delivering solutions that exceed customer expectations.

View Nationwide Spending with MDR’s Buying Power Map

By Maureen Hance | 04/19/2018 | Comments Off on View Nationwide Spending with MDR’s Buying Power Map

MDR’s Buying Power Map Your State by State Guide to Instructional Spending Ever feel lost in your education marketing endeavors and in need of direction? We’ve made maps of every state, detailing their educational purchasing power to help guide your way.   All Instructional Materials MDR has developed an exclusive measure, All Instructional Materials (AIM) Read More »

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MDR Announces Release of The K-12 Education Landscape Report

By Maureen Hance | 04/11/2018 | Comments Off on MDR Announces Release of The K-12 Education Landscape Report

MDR’s Market Research and Marketing teams proudly present The K-12 Education Landscape – a comprehensive look at the education market. Written by Anne Wujcik, in her last few months at MDR, our report features a high-level overview of the K-12 education market. We’ve analyzed both Public schools and Charter Schools, which offer unique advantages and Read More »

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The Evolving Role of the Library and Librarian

By Maureen Hance | 04/10/2018 | Comments Off on The Evolving Role of the Library and Librarian

It’s Library Week! We at MDR wanted to sing the praises of Librarians as the intelligent, savvy school professionals they are, as well as the libraries they facilitate. The evolution of the mediums we use to read is happening rapidly with the move toward e-readers and tablets, and away from the paperback and hardcover. People Read More »

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Teacher Training Assessments are Changing – How Will This Affect the Market?

By Maureen Hance | 04/06/2018 | Comments Off on Teacher Training Assessments are Changing – How Will This Affect the Market?

A Change is Coming for Aspiring Educators State education leaders and teacher preparation colleges have recently made their wishes known for improved testing metrics and procedures for their students. With this demand, a gap has emerged in the market for improved data and innovations in test scoring and video assessment technology. There has been a Read More »

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School Safety – Where We’re At, and Where We’re Headed

By Maureen Hance | 03/29/2018 | Comments Off on School Safety – Where We’re At, and Where We’re Headed

No one wants to have to write articles about the need for increased school safety measures due to recent events, as the topic can bring feelings of panic, dread, and frustration to those who need to pay attention. But, this is the reality of the world we live in today, and hopefully some big changes Read More »

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Virtual Reality could be big in schools, but teachers want more content

By Maureen Hance | 03/28/2018 | Comments Off on Virtual Reality could be big in schools, but teachers want more content

Say goodbye to school libraries that are little more than dusty rows of books. Slowly but surely, they’re becoming “maker spaces” where kids learn through hands-on tools and technologies. Schools are stocking these spaces with virtual reality, everything from Raspberry Pis to 3D printers to LEGO building stations. The latest technology to find its way Read More »

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3 Ways Augmented Reality Is Wowing Teachers and Students

By Maureen Hance | 03/23/2018 | 3 Comments

Augmented reality might sound awfully expensive for classroom use, but companies like Google are opening up the AR market to educators. Last fall, Google released Expeditions AR to bring the world into the classroom with immersive lessons. With an Expedition kit, students can stare into the eye of a Category 5 hurricane before getting up close and personal Read More »

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Soft-Skills are Becoming a Stronger Component in School Accountability

By Maureen Hance | 03/16/2018 | Comments Off on Soft-Skills are Becoming a Stronger Component in School Accountability

There is room for innovation in the classroom with the enactment of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), with opportunities for states to choose “non-academic accountability measures” as a priority. Moving away from No Child Left Behind, the states have more leeway to decide how to design their budget to achieve their own goals, addressing Read More »

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Teacher Wish – One Platform For All Student Data

By Maureen Hance | 03/09/2018 | 2 Comments
abstract data privacy illustration

Teachers need to keep track of, collect, and juggle a ton of information: Student Information System details Learning Management Systems variables, modules, assessments Assessment data from different platforms for different subjects Personalized learning details for each student from apps and websites Any number of other data sets they’ve collected Now, imagine if all that information Read More »

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Just a Few Memories

By Maureen Hance | 03/02/2018 | 6 Comments

MDR graciously offered me space this week, because I told them I wanted to reminisce.  For anyone who’s been in the industry as long as I have, that’s a dangerous offer. I have enjoyed thinking back and calling up wonderful memories from decades of school market experience. But before I indulge myself, I have to Read More »

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Where Are the Gaps in EdTech Products and Services?

By Maureen Hance | 03/01/2018 | 2 Comments

Greetings! I hope to bring you weekly posts that investigate topics that are both intriguing and informative, to better help your business and marketing endeavors. This week, I looked into a few areas the EdTech industry could grow and improve in, for the foreseeable future. The Educational Technology market changes with the times, based on innovations, trends, research studies, and Read More »

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Federal Education Funding Progress – One Small Step at a Time

By Maureen Hance | 02/16/2018 | Comments Off on Federal Education Funding Progress – One Small Step at a Time

It seems only fitting that in my last official pre-retirement column, there’s some education funding news to share. On Feb 12, the president released his budget request for FY 2019. Last week, following a few hours of government shut down in the wee hours of Feb 9, Congress extended the current Continuing Resolution that is Read More »

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Open Education Resources Going Mainstream

By Maureen Hance | 02/02/2018 | 2 Comments

Open education resources (OER) are finally moving into the mainstream. At postsecondary institutions, OER has begun to expand beyond the small group of dedicated early adopters. Driven in part by pressure to address the high cost of college textbooks, the list of colleges that launched open learning initiatives boomed in 2017. In K-12, OER is rapidly Read More »

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Nation’s Schools Earn a “C” from Education Week Quality Counts

By Maureen Hance | 01/19/2018 | 1 Comment

Education Week released the 22nd edition of Quality Counts this week. This year, Quality Counts will be issued in three installments, allowing a more in-depth approach to the data underpinning the report. This first installment presents the annual “report card” that Education Week delivers to grade the nation’s and the states’ education progress. I doubt Read More »

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Progress on State Accountability Plans; Capacity Challenges

By Maureen Hance | 01/05/2018 | Comments Off on Progress on State Accountability Plans; Capacity Challenges
Progress on Education State Accountability Plans

The Department of Education has provided initial feedback to almost all the states that submitted their ESSA accountability plans in fall 2017. States have been asked to clarify elements of their plans or fix problems. How many states will actually make changes remain to be seen, as does the capacity and intent of the Department Read More »

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Slow FY18 Budget Progress, Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act Starts in Earnest

By Maureen Hance | 12/15/2017 | Comments Off on Slow FY18 Budget Progress, Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act Starts in Earnest
MDR Higher Education Act

Congress continues to work on several pieces of legislation that need to be in place before it moves on to finalize the FY 2018 federal budget, which is now three months overdue. Meanwhile it looks like another Continuing Resolution will be passed to take us into the new year. There’s no real impact on the Read More »

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Further Reform for the FCC’s Lifeline Program and Other Education News

By Maureen Hance | 12/01/2017 | Comments Off on Further Reform for the FCC’s Lifeline Program and Other Education News
MDR Teach Teacher Classroom

I’m using my space this week to include information and links to things you may have missed over the past few, very busy weeks. I know I am already finding it challenging to keep up and the holiday flurry has just begun. Read on for updates on what’s happening with Title IV-A grant money, the Read More »

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Gates Foundation to Fund School Networks

By Maureen Hance | 11/03/2017 | Comments Off on Gates Foundation to Fund School Networks

The Gates Foundation has established new funding priorities for its K-12 education investments. The Foundation expects to commit $1.7 billion to K-12 over the next five years, with 60% of that amount devoted to curriculum development and a new network building initiative and 15% directed to charter schools. But the foundation has not totally abandoned Read More »

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Exciting Changes Here for EdNET News Alert &

By Maureen Hance | 10/27/2017 | Comments Off on Exciting Changes Here for EdNET News Alert &
EdNET newsalert

Over the last several months, MDR’s marketing team has been busy refreshing the MDR look and feel. We have a fresh new logo and a new web site, updated marketing solutions, and a renewed commitment to helping education marketers stay connected to schools and their leaders. Long-time readers will know that the EdNET News Alert and Read More »

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Student Data Privacy Debate Resurfaces

By Maureen Hance | 10/26/2017 | Comments Off on Student Data Privacy Debate Resurfaces
MDR Education Personal Data

In case you missed it, the Department a of Education (ED) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are hosting a workshop on December 1 to examine what they call the “intersection” of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The overall goal is “to gather information Read More »

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DoE Grant Priorities, Screen Time

By Maureen Hance | 10/20/2017 | Comments Off on DoE Grant Priorities, Screen Time

Secretary DeVos has proposed 11 priorities and related definitions for use in the Department of Education’s discretionary grant programs. These proposed priorities and definitions are intended to replace the Department’s supplemental priorities published on December 10, 2014. Though the bulk of the Department’s money funds programs that operate under a set formula – like Title Read More »

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MDR’s School Spending Update 2015-2016

By Maureen Hance | 10/13/2017 | Comments Off on MDR’s School Spending Update 2015-2016
The Risk of Dirty Data Report

We recently released our annual School Spending Update for the 2015-2016 school year. Below you will find a summary of the findings. MDR’s proprietary school expenditure research shows U.S. K-12 public schools increased instructional spending by 3% in the 2015-2016 school year to $12.8 billion. The national average for All Instructional Materials (AIM) spending was Read More »

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Technologies Coming and Going

By Maureen Hance | 10/13/2017 | Comments Off on Technologies Coming and Going

Campus Technology has been releasing snapshots of the results from its 2017 second annual Teaching with Technology Survey. The snapshots focus on one aspect of the research reporting, for instance, on college faculty’s use of blended learning or their take on the most valuable classroom technology tools. The one that caught my eye today reported Read More »

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State of the Market Research

By Maureen Hance | 10/06/2017 | Comments Off on State of the Market Research

Last week MDR published “School Trends: Principals’ Perspectives on Instructional Initiatives and Purchasing Decisions,” the final report in the 2017 State of the K-12 Market series. Previous reports examined the market from the perspective of classroom teachers and district-level administrators responsible for curriculum and instructional technology. This comprehensive approach allowed us to get a unique Read More »

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STEM Priority for DoE

By Maureen Hance | 09/29/2017 | Comments Off on STEM Priority for DoE

Earlier this week, President Trump directed a memo to Secretary DeVos that encouraged the Department of Education to use $200 million from the Department’s budget to fund grant programs to support “high-quality STEM education, including Computer Science in particular. The memo also encouraged the Department to “prioritize helping districts recruit and train teachers capable of Read More »

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Arts in Education, House Passes FY 2018 Appropriations Bill

By Maureen Hance | 09/15/2017 | Comments Off on Arts in Education, House Passes FY 2018 Appropriations Bill

Last week, the Education Commission of the States released “Beyond the Core: Advancing Student Success Through the Arts.” The report details research that shows that arts education can have dramatic effects on critical 21st century skills, such as creativity, teamwork and perseverance. Further, while arts education supports success across student groups, disadvantaged and at-risk students Read More »

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Senate Education Appropriation Approved

By Maureen Hance | 09/08/2017 | Comments Off on Senate Education Appropriation Approved

Well it appears we now have a three-month Continuing Resolution that will keep the federal government operating until mid-December. The House is voting on the legislation on Friday and it is expected to pass largely on the strength of Democratic votes. The CR comes as part of the deal the President crafted along with leading Read More »

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49th Annual PDK/Gallup Poll

By Maureen Hance | 09/01/2017 | Comments Off on 49th Annual PDK/Gallup Poll

PDK released the results of its 49th annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools this week. While polls of the public about topics like American education reflect public opinion at one point in time, it is true that this specific poll has a long history and can provide a lot of Read More »

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Curriculum as Reform

By Maureen Hance | 08/25/2017 | Comments Off on Curriculum as Reform

I’m seeing a lot more discussion of curriculum as a key factor in improving student learning. Robert Pondiscio and Checkers Finn at Fordham, Elliot Soloway and Cathie Norris in the Reinventing Curriculum blog published in the T.H.E Journal, and of course E.D. Hirsch. A new policy spotlight from Chiefs for Change—Hiding in Plain Sight: Leveraging Read More »

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Education Next Poll, Interoperability

By Maureen Hance | 08/18/2017 | Comments Off on Education Next Poll, Interoperability

Education Next released its 2017 Poll on School Reform, its 11th annual survey of a representative sample of the American public. The 2017 Education Next survey, conducted in May and June of this year, polled more than 4,200 respondents, including oversamples of parents and teachers. The web site includes an interactive tool that allows users Read More »

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