Kimberley Moran

Kimberley Moran is a senior digital editor at WeAreTeachers and School Leaders Now. She was a K-8 classroom teacher and literacy coach for 12 years. Kimberley has worked on integrated marketing campaigns for numerous clients, including Learning Ally, Scientific Learning, Its Learning, Scholastic, and Epic Books. She holds an MS in literacy education. She is the author of the book Hacking Parenthood. Outside of work, Kimberley knits constantly and eats all things Maine from blueberries to lobster.


We all know how important social media has become. It is a part of daily life. It sells products and lifestyles. It shapes public opinion. Those savvy folks who are crushing it on social media have become the new type of celebrity – influencers. Social media is in a word, a star-maker. That’s all well Read More »